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Adorable Otter Amy’s First Day of School

Otter school was about to start and Amy Otter was excited.

Amy the Adorable Otter

It was her first day of first grade at Otter school.

Amy woke up early.  Mamma Otter had helped her lay out her clothes for school the night before.  She was going to wear her new pink shirt and her new pink skirt.  She wanted a bow in her hair and couldn’t wait to wear her shiny new shoes.

Amy washed her face and combed her hair.  She put on her new clothes and looked in the mirror.  She smiled from ear to ear.  She was happy with her new clothes for school.

amy adorable otter

Amy ate breakfast and hurried out the door to catch the school bus.

This was the first time she rode the school bus.

She was going to be in first grade!

When Amy got to the bus stop she noticed that the other Otter girls were dressed differently.

They all wore blue jeans and t-shirts.

None of the otter girls wore bows in their hair and none of them wore shiny shoes.

Amy noticed all day that she was dressed differently than all the other otter girls, and it made her feel different, but not ‘good different’.

After school Amy got off the bus and slowly walked home.

Danny and Andy ran ahead.

andy impossible otterdanny awesome otter

They were laughing and having fun but Amy just wanted to cry.

Amy felt like she didn’t fit in.

When she got home she went straight to her room and changed clothes.

She put on blue jeans and a t-shirt.

She did not tell anyone why she stopped wearing dresses and bows, she just told her mom she wanted to wear jeans and t-shirts to school.

This year she was a big girl and big girls were not supposed to cry about stuff like this.

Every morning after that day Amy wore blue jeans and a t-shirts to school like the other girls.

She remembered what her oldest brother Danny had said to her long ago, that to be friends, you have to be friendly, and especially help those otters who seem to be not part of the group.

The ones who maybe are having a tough time fitting in.

Danny had learned early, after his dad was taken by the Big Eagle, that helping everyone else have a better day will most times make you have a better day yourself.

Danny, the Awesome Otter, tried to teach his otter brother and sisters to do that with each other, to take care of each other, and be the friend a family member is supposed to be.

Amy began really being friendly to other otters who didn’t seem to be a part of the ‘popular group’ of otter kids, and she kept getting happier and happier as the days went by.

One day Mamma Otter had come home from work early enough to wait for Amy at the bus stop when she got home from school.

She noticed that Amy was the first off the bus and that she was talking to the other little otter girls, and most of them really seemed to appreciate Amy being so friendly.

“Hello Amy!” exclaimed Mamma Otter.

With a very happy face Amy looked up at her mother.

She smiled said, “Hello Mamma.”

Amy and Mamma Otter turned and slowly walked home.

Both walked and talked about how Amy was enjoying her new school and friends.

Amy told Momma Otter that she was at first very sad because she felt so different from the other girls.

Amy told her mom how the other ‘popular’ Otter girls at school would not be friendly with her and the ‘popular’ Otter boys made fun of her because she wore pink dresses.

Amy told Momma Otter about how she changed her mindset and began being friendly to the other otters who weren’t part of the ‘popular’ group.

Amy said she used what her older brother Danny had said, and she tried to be friendly and thoughtful to other otters, and they began to do the same to her.

Amy told Momma Otter that she didn’t care whether she was popular or not, but her family made her feel special, and her new friends were making her feels much better at school, and she knew Danny had given her good advice.

Momma Otter was so warm inside with the thought that Danny, Awesome Otter, had given his little sister such good advice.

Danny was really a great big brother to all his little brothers and sisters, and Momma was so proud of Amy for being friends with other otters who didn’t seem to fit in, rather than worrying about whether she was ‘poular’ or not.

When they got home from the bus stop , Momma Otter called Danny, ‘Awesome Otter’ into the kicthen.

Danny came rumbling into the kitchen with Andy, the Impossible Otter, and they both said “what’s up mom?” at about the same time.

danny awesome otter

Momma Otter said to Danny, in front of Andy and Amy, how proud she was of him for how he told Amy to treat other kids, and how to make friends.

Danny stood up a little bit taller, and Momma Otter went over and hugged him tightly, and asked Andy and Amy to come join in.

They all hugged Danny, the Awesome Otter, tightly, and said “thank you for being a great big brother”.

Amy hugged him as as hard as Momma did, and said “Thank You Danny”.

“You are an Awesome big brother.”

They all looked at Amy at the same time, and said “Amy, we are very proud to have you as our little sister, and believe us when we say you are the Adorable Otter in the house!”

Amy made more and more friends at school with each passing day, and the Impossible Otter family kept getting stronger as a family too.

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