Impossible Otter Adventure Swimming Way Up Stream

Awesome Otter Danny and Impossible Otter Andy had gone on an Impossible Otter play adventure and swam down the river as far as they could, but a mean storm was coming.

storm clouds while swimming up river

The river current was very strong that day.

Swimming down river was a breeze.

The water pushed the two little otters along quickly.

Andy and Danny begain swimming back up river towards their little Otter Den, but Danny was struggling against the current as it got stronger and stronger.

“We’ll be there soon Danny!”  Andy said.

“We have to get home before dark and there is a huge storm coming up behind us quickly!”

impossible otter brothers swimming

Danny looked over his shoulder, his eyes amazed when he saw how ferocious the storm looked.

He hadn’t seen a storm that big before.

Danny started swimming harder and faster.

The harder they swam the faster the big storm came.

Suddenly lightning struck close by.

Danny and Andy stopped swimming.

The lightning struck a tree a few yards from the shoreline.

fallen tree impossible adventure

The tree crashed down right in front of Andy and Danny.

The wind started swirling hard around them and the rain came hard.

storm gets real bad

All the little otters could do was hold on tight to the tree that fell in front of them.

Danny kept his eyes closed.  He was so frightened.

Both little Otters we so tired, but they had to hold on.

The river water began to overflow the riverbank, uprooting trees and washing branches into the river, making it dangerous for the otter boys..

Suddenly the tree that Danny and Andy were holding on to broke away from the shore and the Otter boys went washing down the river as they held on to the tree.

The water was moving fast and thrashing the boys with its tumbling waves..

awesome otters

Danny just kept his eyes closed and held on tight to the tree.

It felt like they went down the river for hours, but it had only been minutes.

The storm finally passed them, and they washed into the shoreline holding onto the tree.

Andy and Danny just layed there, gasping to catch their breath.

Andy and Danny lifted their heads and looked around, and did not recognized anything.

The otter boys were confused, tired and hungry.

The storm had made the river flow so fast that they boys went down the river farther than they had ever gone before.

And no one was around.

No other otter families.

No beavers.


awesome otters

Andy remembered a song that Oma Otter had sung to him long ago.  “The river is always your friend even when its flowing fast.  Just follow the river UP again and you will be home at last.”

Andy started singing the song softly, while they swam back toward their burrow.

The more he sang the song the more strength he had to swim.

Sing with me Danny!” Andy yelled out.

Both Andy and Danny sang that song together while they swam.

They sang the song over and over that Oma Otter has sung to them long ago.

impossible otter brothers swimming

The boys saw that they were getting closer to the burrow.

In the distance they could see Mama Otter on the shore of the river waving them on.

Oma and Grandpa Otter were there too.

When the Otter boys reached the shore where their family was standing they sang out loud, and with huge smiles on their faces, so that Oma Otter could hear them;

“The river is always your friend, even when its flowing fast.

Just follow the river UP again and you will be home at last!!!”

impossible otters

Everyone joined in singing and were so happy to be reunited again.

Oma otter took their chins in her hand, and told them both:

You see, Nothing is Impossible if you Try!!!

Impossible Otter

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