Impossible Otter Finds a Treasure header. nothing is impossible if you try.

Nothing is impossible if you try.

The days were getting longer and warmer.

Andy, the Impossible Otter, loved this time of year.

andy impossible otter

The sun on his back when he laid on the shore made him feel so happy.

Today was going to be so much fun!

Andy’s favorite cousin, Sammy the Sea Otter was swimming up the river from the Sea to visit.

Every time Sammy came to visit the Otters would have an Impossible adventure.

And this time would be no different!

Andy waited and waited by the shore looking as far in the distance down the rivers as he could see.

He was impossibly impatient.

As the sun rose up over the river Andy could see something coming.  “Could it be Sammy the Sea Otter?

Sammy the Sea Otter

Sammy was using his Sea Otter swimming skills to make fast progress directly towards Andy.

Andy jumped up to the top of the great boulder that jutted out from the shore.

“This is Impossible, how fast he’s swimming” shouted Andy!!

Sammy got to the river bank, and plopped out directly in front of Andy, smiling the big grin Sammy was known for.

Andy and Sammy wasted no time at all.

As soon as they hugged each other, they quickly began discussing the adventure plans.

“What will our adventure be this time?” questioned Sammy.

Andy got a huge grin on his face and looked around to see if anyone was listening.  “I want to find an Impossible Treasure” whispered Andy.

Sammy was intrigued.  “An impossible treasure?” said Sammy.

Andy took off his backpack and slowly unzipped the zipper.

He took a deep breath and put his hand inside his backpack.

Impossible Otter Backpack

Sammy wiggled with excitement and suspense.

Andy slowly pulled out of the backpack a large paper that had been folded over and over.

Andy looked around again to see if anyone could see him.

The suspense was exciting.

Andy slowly unfolded the big paper.

As he turned it over Sammy could see that Andy had found a map.

The boys carefully put the map on the boulder and stared quietly at it.

On one side of the map there was a giant “X”.

Impossible Adventure Map

Sammy whispered, “What is at the “X”?”  His eyes were wide.

Sammy’s ears were twitching just like they did anytime he was ready for adventure.

Andy whispered in Sammys ear, “Its the lost treasure of the Great Bald Eagle.  It is the golden egg!”

Sammy gasped.

He had been on big exciting adventures but nothing as exciting and scary as this looked to be.

Sammy’s ears began twitching even more.  He started thumping his tail.

“I found this treasure map after the Great Bald Eagle took my father.” said Andy quietly.  “It’s what my father was looking for. Its why that horrible bird took him.”  Andy sniffed.

He remembered his father fondly.

He wanted to be just like him.

But this time he would win, not the great bald eagle.

Andy would find that golden egg, even if everyone said it was impossible.

Sammy and Andy gave each other ‘otter high fives’, and they set off up the river.  They kept the map in Andy’s backpack and swam a long way.

“There it is!” exclaimed Sammy.  That’s the first clue on the map.

Andy and Sammy climbed out of the river onto the shore.

There in front of them were a pair of goggles hanging from a branch near the foot of a huge tree.

impossible adventure goggles

The map said to use the goggles in the cave up ahead to find the next clue.

“That is impossible!” shouted Andy.  “Look how high in the tree it is.”

Like always, Andy said “We have to make the Impossible Possible, one step at a time”.

The otter boys stacked wood high enough so that they could reach the goggles hanging from the branch at the big tree.

They piled enough wood to finally reach the goggles!

After resting just a bit, Andy and Sammy followed the narrow winding path up the Majestic Mountain where they found the cave that supposeldy had Fathers journal.

The cave was dark and damp.

Andy put the googles on, and shivered, saying, “It may look to be impossible to find Fathers Journal, but we will simply take one step at a time.”

The otter boys entered the cave, cautiously, and with Andy, the Impossible Otter leading the way, wearing the goggles.

Andy saw through the goggles a box in the deepest corner of the cave, just barely visible.

Impossible Treasure Box

The goggles had worked perfectly!

They opened the box and found Andy’s father’s journal.

The impossible was slowly becoming possible!

The otter boys nodded at each other and got out of the dark damp cave.

They again swam upstream, over fallen trees, jumping from rock to rock and climbing steep inclines, the boys kept on their Impossible quest to find the Impossible treasure.

Andy and Sammy decided to take a rest for the night.  “It would be impossible to see all the clues in the dark” claimed Sammy.  “It would be impossible to read the map in the dark too.” stated Andy.

So, they found a soft clump of grass in the brush and curled up for the night.

As night went on Andy couldn’t stop thinking about the Impossible Treasure.  He badly wanted to find it for his mother and family.

He wanted to look the Great Bald Eagle in the eyes and tell him he was wrong for taking his father.

Andy no sooner fell asleep and it was day light already, with Sammy nudging him to get up.

“I can see the Great Cliffs where the Great Bald Eagle lives!” he shouted, jumping up and down.

Andy jumped up quickly, thrilled and scared all at once.

He looked in the direction that Sammy the Sea Otter was pointing.

There in front of the two Otters was a Majestic Mountain.

Majestic Mountain

It was higher than Andy had ever been, way up in the clouds.

Far in the distance he could hear the screeching of eagles.

Andy fixed his eyes on the cliff.  He could feel his heart thumping wildly in his chest.

“This will be the most impossible thing we have ever done.” Andy said slowly to Sammy.

He wasn’t sure if they would be able to finish this impossible quest, but he knew he must try, one step at a time.

Back home Mamma Otter was pacing back and forth.

Andy had told them all he was going to find the Golden Egg of the Majestic Bald Eagle, and that Sammy was going along to help.

Momma Otter knew she had to let Andy at least try.

Grandpa Otter just smiled, proudly.

He knew that Andy and Sammy together were a powerful otter pair, and that they had good sense.

As Andy and Sammy stood there looking at the Great Cliff the sound of the screeching eagles got closer.

Andy realized that the screeching was the screech of the Great Bald Eagle.

The Eagle that was the biggest enemy to the Otters.

great bald eagle

The Eagle that had taken his father.

Andy was frightened.

Sammy started to turn around to run back when Andy put out his tail and stopped him.  “Sammy, I know this is impossible, but we have to at least try.” he pleaded.  “We have to show that Eagle that he can’t bully us anymore.”  he said.

Andy had read part of Fathers journal which warned about the cliffs.

Father Otter had written to stay flat against the cliff while climbing so a not to be seen by the eagles above, so they did.

The higher they climbed the louder the screeching got.

Andy and Sammy were finally near the top of the cliff.

They could smell the Eagle.

They knew they were close.

Andy pulled himself up so that he could see just over the edge of the cliff.

There sat the biggest eagle he had ever seen.

The eagle did not know that Andy and Sammy where there.

The Great Bald Eagle sat in his nest, his eyes closed and his chest slowly rising and lowering as he slept.

Andy could see just beneath the wing of the Great Bald Eagle was a most beautiful Golden Egg.

golden egg from the impossible adventure

Andy and Sammy slowly climbed over the edge and circled around the nest.  Andy went one way and Sammy the other.

As they got close to the nest the Eagle stirred.

Andy and Sammy stopped in their tracks.  They were afraid to move.

They did not want to wake up this eagle and they did not want to be eagle dinner!

The eagle settled again and Andy and Sammy tiptoed closer.

They were right next to the Eagle.  Sammy slowly lifted the feather of the wing that was over the golden egg.

Andy reached in with trembling paws.  He gently took the egg and slid it into his back pack.

Sammy lowered the feathers of the eagles wing.

Andy looked at Sammy with great big eyes.  All he could think about was that this was impossible.

The eagle began to stir.

Andy did not want to take any chances so he took off running. Sammy followed with giant leaps.

The otters ran, jumped and slid down the cliff wall as only otters can do.

When they got to the bottom they swam all the way to their burrow, fast.

By the time they got home the sun had gone down.

Mamma Otter was still pacing back and forth on the porch.  She squealed in delight when she saw Andy and Sammy running towards her.

She hugged them both and told them how much she loved them.

Grandpa and Oma Otter joined them on the porch.  Grandpa Otter took a long look at the otter boys, and smiled proudly at them.

Andy and Sammy told the Impossible Otter family about their adventure and then showed them the golden egg.

Mamma Otter was so proud.

Sammy told Grandpa about how impossible this journey was and when they were afraid to go on that Andy, the Impossible Otter, had told him that even if it feels impossible to still try.

Oma Otter put her arms around both Otter boys and said, “Nothing is Impossible, if you TRY”

The Golden Egg sits proudly on the mantle in the den to this day, reminding them all of that truth.

Impossible Otter


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