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The Impossible Otter Family Sticks Together

Impossible Otter

Andy, the Impossible Otter, has overcome so much in life, and he’s been so thankful for all he’s been blessed with, although his road has been hard. He thinks of his family often, while on his many adventures and treks.…

Impossible Otter Finds a Treasure

impossibleotter.com header. nothing is impossible if you try.

The days were getting longer and warmer. Andy, the Impossible Otter, loved this time of year. The sun on his back when he laid on the shore made him feel so happy. Today was going to be so much fun!…

The Impossible Burrow: Impossible Otter is Named By His Grandpa

Impossible Otter

The Impossible Burrow Grandpa Otter worked hard digging the burrow. It was a hot day on the river. All the river otters were busy digging out and building their homes. Grandpa Otter asked his grandchildren, brothers Andy Otter and Danny…