The Impossible Burrow: Impossible Otter is Named By His Grandpa

Impossible Otter

The Impossible Burrow

Grandpa Otter worked hard digging the burrow.

It was a hot day on the river.

All the river otters were busy digging out and building their homes.

Grandpa Otter asked his grandchildren, brothers Andy Otter and Danny Otter, to help.

Andy and Danny worked hard.

andy impossible otter

In and out of the burrow they went all day long, digging out the dirt.

Grandpa Otter wanted to make their river den home bigger, because Mamma Otter, Danny, Andy and all the little Otters were moving in with Grandpa and Oma.

So Andy, Danny and Grandpa Otter dug all day.

danny awesome otter

Then Grandpa Otter asked Andy and Danny to gather tree branches, leaves and grass.

So they did.

Up the hill and down again they went, finding only the longest branches, the largest leaves and the softest grass.

Grandpa took the branches and lined the rooms of the burrow.

He wanted the burrow to be very sturdy.

He took the leaves and packed them tightly against the walls.

He wanted the rooms of the burrow to be cozy warm.

Then Grandpa took the soft grass and layered in evenly on the floor so that all the Otter family would be comfortable.

The day was long and very hot.

Andy and Danny worked and worked.

impossible burrow

Andy stopped to take a rest and sat on a log that was near the burrow.

Danny joined him and asked, “What’s wrong Andy?”

Andy shook his head.  “It’s just impossible Danny.”

“There are so many of us in the Otter family, and Grandpa wants us all to have our own room.  It is impossible to build the burrow that big!” exclaimed Andy.

Danny agreed.

He shook his head and shrugged his shoulders.

With a great big sigh he said, “Well, let’s get back to work.

danny awesome otter

It is an impossible job, but when we are done it will be awesome!”

Danny, Andy and Grandpa worked all day.

The sun started going down and Grandpa told Danny and Andy  to get ready for dinner.

Danny and Andy were relieved.

They thought that they would be able to rest now.

The sun was going down and it was time for dinner.

They went inside, washed their little webbed paws and sat down at the kitchen table.

They were exhausted.

They both looked around the room.  Danny shook his head and Andy said, “It’s just impossible.”

impossible otters

Danny shook his head and agreed, “It’s just seems impossible, but when we are done it will be awesome”.

Both otter boys knew that it could take a very long time to finish the burrow and winter was just around the corner.

They had to have that burrow done very soon.

Oma Otter was cleaning the fish for dinner and heard the boys talking about how impossible building the burrow in time for winter would be.

She could see how exhausted they were.

They had been through a lot the past few weeks, losing their father, and having to move up river away from their friends, but Oma knew everything would be okay.

Oma sat down next to the boys and took their paws in hers. Header

She smiled at them and said, “Nothing is impossible, if you just keep trying  You boys worked hard today and I am very proud of you”.

Andy and Danny could feel the warmth of Oma’s heart.   They loved their Oma.  She always had something sweet for them to eat when they had visited in the past.

She always put band aids on their bruises and gave them great big hugs for nothing at all.

The next morning before the sun even came up Grandpa Otter stepped outside of the burrow.

He yawned and stretched and then sniffed the air.  Winter was coming soon.

So, he whirled around on his heels and yelled for Danny and Andy.  “Wake up boys.  We’ve got work to do!”

Andy and Danny were still so tired.

Impossible Otter Impossible Burrow Grandpa Otter Awesome Otter & Impossible Otter

They had worked hard the day before and knew they had to work even harder today.

They got out of bed slowly, washed the sleep from their eyes, brushed their teeth and made their beds.

They yawned and stretched.  “Today is going to be impossible.” Groaned Andy.  “Getting the burrow done by winter might be impossible, but it will be awesome when it’s done” Danny said patiently.

They set off to the kitchen for breakfast.

After breakfast they went to work with Grandpa.

They worked hard digging and bringing in the tree limbs, the leaves and the grass.

danny awesome otter

They worked hard for days and days.

And for days and days the groaned and moaned about how “Impossible” it was going to be to finish the burrow by winter.

Seven days went by.

Everyone in the otter family had listened to Andy and Danny while they worked.

“It’s impossible” they would say.

On the afternoon of the seventh day Grandpa called out to Andy and Danny “Boys, you’re done!”

Andy and Danny were confused.

It was weeks before winter.

How could they be done?

Impossible Otter Impossible Burrow Grandpa Awesome & Adorable & Impossible Otters

Grandpa had a great big grin on his face.

“Gather around Otters!” Grandpa Yelled.

All the otters gathered around Grandpa.

There was Oma otter in her apron.

Mamma Otter was holding two of the baby girl otters.

And all the other otter children came and sat by Grandpa Otters feet.

“Well family”, Grandpa started.   It’s been a lot of work, but we are finally finished.

The burrow is ready for the entire family thanks to Andy and Danny”.

Andy and Danny stood there in amazement.

Impossible Otter Impossible Burrow Grandpa Otter Awesome Otter & Impossible Otter

For seven days all they could think of was the word IMPOSSIBLE.

Grandpa turned to Andy and Danny and said,  “Boys, always remember, that nothing is impossible, if you try”.

Grandpa continued, “Andy, you have made the impossible possible, and Danny, you were awesome with how you kept your little brother working hard right along with you, even though you both saw an impossible task”

Both Danny and Andy popped up their heads.  They looked at Grandpa Otter and puffed out their chests.

impossible burrow

“You boys worked hard.” Grandpa continued.  “You worked together and did what was asked of you, and more.”

Grandpa’s next words made both otter boys swell with pride; “I am very proud to call you Andy the Impossible Otter and Danny the Awesome Otter!”

The otter family moved into their huge burrow just in time for winter, and the stories of Andy the Impossible Otter, and Danny the Awesome Otter grew as the years went by.

Stay Tuned…

Impossible Otter

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