The Impossible Otter Family Sticks Together

Andy, the Impossible Otter, has overcome so much in life, and he’s been so thankful for all he’s been blessed with, although his road has been hard.

He thinks of his family often, while on his many adventures and treks.

andy impossible otter

Andy’s mother, who the otter brood named Sunshine Otter because she was always so positive and bright, was Andy’s biggest fan, as well as all the other otters in family.

Impossible Otter’s older brother, Danny, was nicknamed Awesome Otter by their grandpa after having built a family den in record time with Andy.

Danny was a typical big brother, in that they roughhoused and wrestled often, but Andy knew that Danny also tried to be a father figure to him and his other siblings since their father had been taken by the big eagle long ago.

danny awesome otter

Danny was very Awesome Otter in how he was always pushing Andy to do more and to get his schooling done before chores or playing, but also encouraging Andy on days when things seemed too much to handle.

Awesome Otter told Impossible Otter often that nothing was impossible, if you just try, and that included getting good grades and trying to go further in life than the little pond they called home.

Andy’s younger sister Amy, was nicknamed Adorable Otter by their grandmother, Oma Otter and her grandfather Grandpa Otter..

Amy was so otter-smart, and so adorable, and her big brothers always made sure she was the first in the burrow at night, and the first to eat and sleep.

amy adorable otter

Amy’s brothers helped her always feel safe, protected, and loved, and that was what made this otter family so different.

Some otter families forget that brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers and family are supposed to provide those things for each other, because sometimes the world beyond the otter borrow is not an easy place to find your way.

Amy felt really protected by her big brothers, her grandma and grandpa otter, and she always prayed and thanked God Otter in the sky for her family, and she always promised her father she would make him proud of her, and Amy knew she would see her father again one day.

Andy’s life in the burrow, next to the little pond and stream, was so incredibly filled with love and family protection, he couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.

Impossible Otter



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